More Books & Sale Info is full of information on Sweet Pea and the other legumes, photos of our homemade Sweet Pea doll celebrating holidays and book launches, and links to special discounts. The Dinosaur Bean is available now, but 2020 bring even more Sweet Pea books! The Black Eyed Pea and The Scary Hairy Bean are scheduled to be released later this year.

Purchase your copy of The Dinosaur Bean through these sellers:

Amazon: $17.98 | Lulu $8.99 (50% Discount!)

Book Launch

Sweet Pea is so happy to share her first book with you! The Dinosaur Bean tells the story of what the beans and peas want to be when they grow up. This picture book features Sweet Pea & Friends: Greta Garbanzo, Pauly Pinto, Kim Kidney, Ben Black, and more. You can buy your own copy at for a special discounted price. Just click Print above and follow the link.